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bass in ur face!!

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"are there any characters you don’t headcanon as queer?”

why would i want to do a thing like that

yeah let’s keep on eroticizing homosexuality it’s such a blast

you hear that guys I a queer person am fetishizing queer people by desperately searching for representation in a world where I have pretty much none why didn’t any of you guys tell me

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Apparently some vegans are telling people not to eat honey to support bees.


Buy honey (local if possible) -> support beekeepers -> support bees.

I swear people don’t even think this stuff out. 
Beekeepers provide bees with an environment in which they can live, and are encouraged to thrive. Bees then have a big huge giant person who can deal with any threats to the hive. 
Yes, honey is a winter food supply for bees, but beekeepers (unless they’re dicks, in which case they’d be shooting themselves in the foot) will NEVER take too much honey from a hive, and will always ensure that bees have enough food. Think about it, you’re not going to starve a source of income/hobby, are you?

So now.
Support beekeepers.
Support bees.


I had to reblog just for “DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW BEES WORK?" because it made me realize that some people really don’t!

save them



i’m someone who has gone back and forth from a full vegan diet and i always insist to everyone INCLUDING fellow vegans to please support bee farms and honey industries!! theyre what comes in and rescues bees. support them, instead of the exterminators. you can call in bee farms and they will remove bees from your house/land and protect them. its a mutually beneficial relationship, and bees are in such danger right now. buy honey!!!

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if you think embarrassing shy people on purpose is funny please do yourself a favor and shove a truck up your ass

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mother father and brother dearest were being their normal ignorant selves, nothing to worry about, bud

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remember when rosemary became canon and That One Tumblr User was like, “guys okay rosemary isn’t canon, rose was really drunk and they were just experimenting”

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snoop dogg gives off this vibe that he doesn’t really have a plan but he still knows exactly what he’s doing and like i strive for that

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Anonymous said: u should totally draw some poc!hermione bein cute man. like readin in her books or tryin 2 tame her wild hair or having to put up with ron and harry.

hermione bein cute and multitasking while she gets dressed or s/t woo

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[heavy breathing]

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Katy Perry really just sat there and called trans girls on tumblr rats. Like she really just owned up to stealing our shit and then sit there like she isn’t the one lacking taste. Least I’m not bottom feeding even if I’m not getting paid bitch! Who’s the real rat now!


Throw her in the trash.

w t f

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- pointed out acne
- treated you like a little slave (you get them EVERYTHING)
- made fun of people who you idolize
- made you feel like an outcast
- ever called you a mistake or worthless
- forced you to go to a place where you weren’t…

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Once Upon a Time + Tumblr Posts: The Sassy Regina MIlls edition. 
Find The Regina Mills edition here.
Find The Emma Swan edition here.
Find The Swan-Mills Family edition here.
Find The Swan Queen edition here.
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